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In the OPEN WATER DIVER course we start from scratch. In this course, it’s leanerd the needed to dive at sea anywhere in the world, without having to be accompanied by instructors.

This program follows your training in open water with a minimum of sessions in confined and theoretical waters.

There are several options within this program but you will always have two required dives: navigation diving, deep diving, and one of the basic options, night diving.

This course will improve your ability to prevent problems as well as develop specific skills to respond to diving emergency situations.

First-aid course in which cardio-respiratory resuscitation techniques are learned and techniques for immediate assistance in emergency situations.

Designed for divers and non-divers, it is required as a prerequisite for PADI students from the Rescue Diver level.

It is the highest level of recreational diver certification, PADI master scuba diver indicates that you have significant training and experience in a wide range of specialties.

This course will develop your diving skills to a demonstration quality, enable you to achieve a level of professional understanding of diving theory, and teach you how to organize and conduct diving activities.

With this course you can also supervise divers in training under the supervision of a certified PADI Instructor.

The benefits of diving with NITROX are unquestionable; NITROX contains less nitrogen than air, which means that the diver absorbs less nitrogen during diving.

Conclusion: Diving with NITROX means more comfort, additional gain in safety, and a decisive increase in diving time.